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  • Styracosaurus Rider

    Here's my fossil collection listing. Bold indicates my personal favorites.

    • Spinosaurus aegypticus tooth. Mid Cretaceous. Found south of Taouz, Morrocco.
    • Carcharodon Megalodon tooth.
    • A huge whale vertebra. Miocene.
    • Cute little snake fossil.
    • Knightia fossil. A common fish. Found in the Green River Formation, Wyoming.
    • Horn coral. 325 mya, give or take. Found in the Confusion Range in Millard County, Utah.
    • Small gastropod fossil. Carboniferous.
    • Brachiopod. Tiny.
    • Fossil Algae. Cambrian. Found in the Marjam Formation, Millard County, Utah.
    • A crinoid stem. In amazing condition, and one of my faves.
    • A small ammonite. Species unknown, but judging from my research it could be a Meekoceras.
    • A tiny trilobite, Elrathia kingii, in some rock. Found in the House Range, Anteā€¦
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